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Urine drainage

H6 PLUS - Closed Urine Drainage System

In order to keep the risk of nosocomial infections to a minimum HSO offers a closed sterile urine drainage system – the H6 plus.

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H3 Urine Collecting Bag

For safe and hygienic emptying of urinary drainage systems as well as for urine measurement and urine disposal.

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Urine Leg Bag

The HSO urine leg bag with 500 ml capacity is made of soft film and it backside coated with fleece – ensuring a high wearing comfort.

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The CathCup® from HSO is equally effective in preventing soiled linens, cross-contamination and unpleasant care situations by stopping the leakage of urine, blood and other fluids around the catheter.

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Special silicone Probe Catheter

The special silicon probe catheter is a triple lumen, latex-free catheter that is well-tolerated by the organism; it is made of silicone (polysiloxane) with the hardness value of Shore-A 60


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