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CathCup | Urine collecting cup

The CathCup® from HSO is equally effective in preventing soiled linens, cross-contamination and unpleasant care situations by stopping the leakage of urine, blood and other fluids around the catheter.

The urine collection cup (CathCup®) consists of a highly absorbent eXsorb® Pad with a capacity of up to 50 ml that converts the fluid into a gel. On the outside, the pad is surrounded by an impermeable protective film that prevents fluid from leaking out from inside the pad and possibly soiling the patient with these substances. Using the adhesive surfaces, the CathCup® can be optimally positioned and secured to the catheter. For easy and quick removal of the product, two non-adhesive surfaces
are provided at the ends of the pad.

Your benefits

  • The use of the CathCup® improves patient hygiene and protects patient privacy.
  • The CathCup® helps nursing staff save time and resources by making catheter care, which must be performed several times a day, quicker and easier to complete and reducing the need to change the bed linens as these are no longer soiled as often.
  • With the CathCup®, there is no need for additional fluid-absorbing products such as bed liners. This reduces expenses and increases cost efficiency.

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