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H6 PLUS | Closed Urine Drainage System

In order to keep the risk of nosocomial infections to a minimum HSO offers a closed sterile urine drainage system – the H6 plus.

The H6 plus urine drainage system is easy to use and in addition to the normal standards also offers a number of user-friendly extras. An additional blue clamp on the transition tube helps fixation The bottom outlet valve opens and closes exactly and is drip-free. Needleless taking of urine samples. The complete connection piece to the catheter, including emptying port, is easy to clean hygienically.

The ventilated urine bag has a capacity of 2,000 ml and can be fixed in place with either the cord or hook. The bacteria-proof diaphragm drip chamber prevents retrograde bacteria migration and the risk of infection that this involves. The overall design of the drip chamber also prevents urine from running back into the catheter.
The entire tube is kink-proof. The system is available in two versions: with a hard and with a soft tube.

Accessories H3 Urine Collecting Bag
For safe and hygienic emptying of urinary drainage systems as well as for urine measurement and urine disposal.

  • Very flexible funnel connector – optimally adjusts to the anti-drip bottom valve
  • Sliding clamp on the tube for opening and closing the urine collecting bag
  • Four eyelets for fastening/hanging up
  • 2,500 ml capacity
  • Disposable product, latex-free, non-sterile

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order options HSO Urine Drainage System H6 Plus

ProductShipping UnitOrder No
H6 plus Closed urine drainage system with hard tube25 pieces (single packed, sterile)HEICSB2000P
H6 plus Closed urine drainage system with soft tube25 pieces (single packed, sterile)HEICSB2000P-S
H6 plus connector type "disconnect"25 pieces (single packed, sterile)HEICSB2000P-STMK
H3 Urine collection bag100 piecesHSOH3AB2500U