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Urine Leg Bag

The HSO urine leg bag with 500 ml capacity is made of soft film and it backside coated with fleece – ensuring a high wearing comfort. The inlet tube is 50 cm long and can be easily shortened as necessary. The graduated connector fits into the discharge funnel of a urinary catheter, or to a urinal condom. The reliable attachment to the leg is ensured by two fixing bands which are coated with silicone on the inside – thus preventing slippage. Pre-punched slots allow for easy and secure attachment of the fixing band buttons to the urine leg bag.

  • With backstop
  • T-drain valve (sliding valve) with protective cap
  • Latex-free
  • Disposable product
  • 500 ml capacity

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order options hso urine leg bag

ProductShipping UnitOrder No
Urine Leg Bag 500 ml100 pieces (single, sterile packed)HSO06
Fixation for Urine Leg Bag100 piecesHSO07