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ThoraXsafe® – Stability in every position

HSO Solutions worked together with de-escalation experts, intensive care physicians and physiotherapists to develop ThoraXsafe®, a multifunctional, certified thorax belt that is also suited for use in torso stabilisation. As a supplement to the classic four-point restraint, ThoraXsafe® helps stabilise your patient’s upper body. The straps are padded and do not put any pressure on the chest or abdominal area. This makes the system suitable not only for the purpose of immobilisation and restraint, but also to stabilise patients after surgery or in nursing environments.

Benefits for medical staff

    • quick and easy to apply (max. 2 persons needed)
    • higher level of safety against uncontrolled patient movements while applying the belt, as the user stands behind the patient
    • flexible, non-twisting strap system
    • for universal use with all beds and chairs
    • Velcro fastening system makes it possible to quickly apply and open the straps
    • impossible for patients to sit up or slide down
    • various stabilisation possibilities

    Benefits for patients

      • soft microfibres prevent straps from cutting into the patient
      • reduced pressure on the body
      • prevents patient from sliding away while sitting or lying down
      • lower risk of injury

      Possible applications:

      Intensive care – lying in bed
      Treatment & care of intensive care patients | Stabilisation immediately after surgery

      Nursing care/physiotherapy – edge-of-bed sitting position
      Support for patients and staff in nursing care and physiotherapy

      Mobilisation – sitting in wheelchair/portering chair/reclining chair

      Seating aid in pelvic area | Prevention against slumping or sliding

      Visit to find out more about the thorax belt and its possible uses.

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