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  • ThoraXsafe® – Stability in every position

    HSO Solutions worked together with de-escalation experts and intensive care physicians to develop ThoraXsafe®, a multifunctional, certified thorax belt that is also suited for use in torso stabilisation.

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  • PRO FIX - Multifunctional Immobilizing Splint

      PRO FIX made by HSO is a one-piece, softly padded hand splint which is suitable for patients of all ages.

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    • SAFE FIX - Hand and finger brace

      SAFE FIX is a softly padded hand and finger brace for patients of all ages.

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    • Stick & Stop Pad

      The new HSO Stick & Stop Pad is an anti-slip mesh that helps prevent patients from sliding in the hospital bed when sitting up. Slipping away is thus simply impossible.

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    • SafeHeat - Warming up right

      The new SafeHeat hand warmer from HSO-Solutions is a certified and safe product that replaces  makeshift solutions and allows reliable saturation readings to be performed at the patient’s hands and feet.

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    Innovative and needs-based medical devices

    HSO – Hospital Supply Organisation – develops medical devices for hospital use. The company specialises in providing individual, needs-based solutions developed in close cooperation with the user and at times with the patient. HSO also optimises existing products in terms of user-friendliness and patient comfort. Because at HSO, people always come first.

    International product availability
    In its home market of Austria, HSO sells its products through Rudolf Heintel Gesellschaft m.b.H., a family business with 100 years of experience on the market.
    On the international stage, we are happy to work with export partners on an individual and personal basis to assist in the market entry with our export highlights. We also cooperate with a close network of international distribution partners.

    A portfolio for complete care

    The broad product portfolio includes scalpels and surgical blades, sensors and electrodes, intravenous accessories, drains, consumables, furniture and equipment, and transport devices but above all a multitude of fixation and stabilisation products. With ThoraXsafe, a multifunctional thorax restraining belt, HSO has made a name for itself as a specialist for patient stabilisation.

    Are you looking for a custom product solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to making our knowledge and expertise work for you!

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    Distribution Partners
    Distribution Partners