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Assortment of disposable aprons | Hospital aprons for single use

The assortment of disposable HSO aprons offers fast, effective and affordable protection from impurities and is ideally suited for everyday applications in the hospital.
The disposable HSO aprons are available in two versions and thicknesses.

50 pcs. in dust protection dispenser 
Material: Polyethylene, smooth
Dimensions: 140 x 75 cm
Thickness: approx. 35 µ
Colour: White
Features: moisture proof,
anti-static, blocked per 50 pieces, for tearing off,
very hardwearing 

100 pcs. in dust protection box 
Material: Polyethylene, smooth
Dimensions: 122 x 76 cm
Thickness: approx. 19 µ
Colour: White
Features: moisture proof,
in the dispenser for hanging up or laying down, 
individually folded, top price 

Due to their small volume, the disposable HSO aprons can be disposed of in a space-saving manner and are easy to place anywhere in the respective dispensers.
The assortment of disposable HSO aprons offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

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Order Options of HSO disposable aprons

ProductShipping UnitOrder No
Disposable aprons in dust protection dispenser 50 piecesHSO5003433
Disposable aprons in dust protection box 100 piecesHSO05024-W